BBQ’d Pacific Gold Oysters



  • 12 Pacific Gold Oysters

  • 2 Shallots

  • 1 Head of Garlic

  • ½ cup fine Bread Crumbs

  • ½ cup grated Parmesan Cheese

  • ¼ Tajin Seasoning

  • 1 Modelo (or you favorite medium bodied beer, stay away from IPA as the are too bitter) 

  • 1 Stick of butter 



This is an awesome backyard BBQ style way to enjoy our Pacific Gold Oysters. Cooked oysters are delicious, much like a great steak you want to be sure and not over cook them and lose the oyster’s delicious, bright ocean flavor. You will want to cook them medium rare to medium.  Look for the oyster to still be plump and juicy but cooked. A great indicator is to watch the liquid in the shell. When you see if bubbling on the edges… They are ready, remove from the fire and enjoy. Be careful, allow them to cool briefly as the shell will be HOT! 

  1. In a medium saucepot add 1 beer and 1 stick of butter, turn on medium heat, be careful not to boil or get too hot as the beer will erupt like a delicious buttery volcano

  2. Finely dice your shallots and garlic, add to the beer/butter mixture

  3. Once the butter is totally melted and the garlic and shallots have softened (about 4/5mins on low heat) turn off the flame but keep in a warm area. 

  4. In a medium-mixing bowl combine the ½ c Breadcrumbs, 1/2 c Parmesan, 1/4c Tajin, a pinch of salt and some black pepper. Mix thoroughly

  5. Shuck your oysters and set them on a sheet pan or small plate, being careful not to spill the liquor inside. You and fold a paper towel and use it as a little base for them to stand straight upright. 

  6. Using a 1oz ladle or a table spoon, ladle in the butter/beer mix into your oysters

  7. Then lightly pack the top of them with your breadcrumb mix, should be a nice coating of the mix (like freshly fallen snow)

  8. Place them on the grill!! 

  9. Watch for bubbling edges as described above 

  10. Transefer them to a plate and enjoy (Tip: use rock salt on your serving vessel to hold the oysters and to help transfer some of the shell heat. Make serving your oysters much easier and it looks great) 






  • 1 Bottle  Sparkling Apple Cider 

  • 1 Bottle Tabasco brand Chipotle Sauce  


  1. In a medium bowl add 1 bottle Tabasco Chipotle Sauce

  2. Just before using add ½ bottle of sparkling Apple Cider (it is important to add this right before serving as to make sure it taste fresh and sparkly)

  3. Gently Mix, transfer to a smaller vessel for serving and enjoy! 

Craig Bixel