Pacific Gold Oyster, Seasoned Crème Fraiche, Finger lime, Cilantro



  • 1 Dozen Freshly shucked Pacific Gold Oysters 

  • 8oz Crème Fraiche (from your local dairy department is fine)

  • 6ea Finger Limes

  • Fresh Cracked Black Pepper

  • Kosher Salt

  • Cilantro or Micro Cilantro

  • Lime for zesting



This is a very simple and classic way to brighten up an oyster and a great way to elevate an already incredible flavor.  The real key to executing this preparation is temperature. Be sure to keep all your ingredients really cold right up to the second you serve them.  There is an extraordinary range of texture in this bite and it is truly magic when it is cold. 

  1. In a medium steel mixing bowl add your crème fraiche, with a medium sized whisk you are going to whip the crème fraiche to a texture that is just a bit more firm then whipped cream. While you are whipping add a small pinch of salt and a lot of freshly cracked black pepper (like 20/25 turns of you pepper mill) 

  2. After reaching desired whipped texted, using a mircoplane zest into the crème friae one lime

  3. Once all whipped, zested and seasoned using a spatula and a pasty bag. Place the crème friace into the bag, squeeze out all the air and tie the open end. With a knife cut a small hole at the pointed end. Like the size of the point of a sharpie 

  4. Cut all you finger line in half

  5. Pick the nicest of all of your cilantro leave and set aside

  6. For the final assemble, put a small dollop of the crème fraiche on your oysters, then squeeze on the small caviar sized finger limes and top with 1 or 2 sprigs of mico cilantro, serve immediately on ice